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Monday, 27 February 2012

Monday 27th Feb


Monday 27th Feb a dull but dry day Just spent a few hours on its first day out
All went well no mishaps did around 30 Miles to Windsor Castle through Eton College
A good ride to just get things in, after a few miles one of the calliper pads needed pulling back one notch and all worked well, and had to tweak the gears from time to time to bring it back in as its all new and needs time to bed in, no problem. Had the tyres around 80 PSI and it felt great, and I am finding a nice difference in the 10 speed and finding the gears I like, I have ridden Saturday and Sunday on the Tandem so my legs where a bit lets say feeling aching , so it was nice that the spread of 10 gears made the ride less stressing shall we say. And when I was feeling up to it put my feet down and it responded so well with a nice turn of speed, exactly what I wanted of it. I know I am going to have some fun when my legs are rested and fresh. And role on the summer.
Overall opinion a great feeling of satisfaction can one ask for more?

In a few weeks time my Captain on the Greenspeed GTT will be taking delivery of his New Sprint RSX so will be getting in some long rides soon.
I think its going to be a good year of recumbent trike riding.

Are there any ICE owners or any trike owners this side of London that would be interested in joining in with a few rides? With us or with the West middx Club who we ride with on most Sundays


Greenspeed GTT

CT Club

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