Journeys on my sprint

So this is just some Videos and Photos of my Journeys and happenings. Please see my other recumbent Greenspeed Page to.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

10th Nov 2011

Winter is almost here and it will be interesting to see how the sprint handles it.
It will be my first winter on the trike; I have noted a loss of traction on slippery surfaces and from the odd heavy leaf covered rode, so it will be interesting as the roads get Icy.
The trike is going well and I am still very pleased with it.  And still learning a thing or two, I was on the phone ordering a new chain and got to chat and mentioned the braking, and it turned out I was adjusting them incorrectly, I was only adjusting the inside Pad, I did not realise that to outer pad had and adjustment wheel on the outside.
And now I have a lot more leaver on the brakes than I did. Mid you shows how good the set up is as thankfully I had not damaged anything even though the inner pad was pushing the disk it’s self on to the other pad to work! So there all back to what they should be now and working well.
Now I have all the wheels with marathon plus on them I am happy to say no punchers, I do not know if it was me or the tyres that were on their (marathon racers) they rolled well and handled well but the back tyre was a horror story for punchers, and then as the front started to where down the punchers started after around 1500 miles. Plus I had problems with the back tape not being sufficient and the spokes started punch ring the tube. That’s sorted now with a set of thick high pressure tape; I had the same problem on the rear on the Greenspeed Tandem.
I have ridden it now a good 3000 miles now and its nice a loos now and everything feel and is working well.
Can’t wait to see and have a play on the 2012 models in Jan. The sprit I have I use it for commuting and my every day Bike, and I have been using it for my week end club rides 50 Miles Plus and i would like to keep this one just for the commuting and every day use, and get a second sprint for the club runs only, as the new sprint trike is the I believe is Vortex frame, I need something with a bit of wait taken off for the club runs, no rear rack just side bags. Plus I can keep it up to a good condition for the longer rides. And the commuting trike I do not have to keep it in such a high working condition.
I like the look and we will see how the new seat feels.
I am well pleased that it’s no problem riding out with my club at weekends, I do only find that sometimes the pace is not fast enough but over all I’m pleased I keep up with the group with no problems.
Anyone out there with a trike that fancies a run with a club look up West Middlesex CTC  and we are on face book to where you can see the upcoming ride on the Sunday, plus on a Saturday we are out on the Greenspeed tandem.