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So this is just some Videos and Photos of my Journeys and happenings. Please see my other recumbent Greenspeed Page to.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

28th Dec 2011 wishing all a great new year.

28th Dec 2011
I have been out two days on the trot, one testing the trike out
But I have been getting my confidence back as well, I have had a large change in my eyesight!
It happens and will continue to, however it knocks me from time to time as this change has.
I have to admit 50% of hitting the bollard was my eye sight. My left eye has changes, some more sells
Have died lessening the sharpness and widening the blind centre in the left, the right is handing in there.
However I have had to do some long journeys to get my brain to get use to it and get my confidence
Back. Good ride to day went full bore into London using the bike path along the A4 past a great building the hover Building, II can remember when Hovers where made there a long time back now.

After finding my way around the fly over Rejoined A40 and made my way to Kings X where you get the train to Hogwarts, then into Jud St where the RNIB 

 but it was closed, I had some idea it was so no problem its was the ride, went on threw to Oxford street had a look around the rip-off HMV, Long time since I have brought any thing there just have a good look around see if there is something I would like them get it cheaper on Amazon, no wonder there going bankrupt!!
Them made my way down regent street then down to mall and hide park for a pee and a coffee.
Sat and watched the ducks contemplating my eye sight and getting it all in to perspective. Felt good about the ride and regained my confidence and worked out the eye sight, OK I have to be that bit more cheerful on my left side, and have to scan a lager area, and have to admit yet again its going and it will not come back, I have to face it and let go and move on and just do what I love the best way I can.
All things change that’s one constant in life. I am hoping for a good year this year as it could be my last
Or dame near it, I would like to cycle in Europe a run down the cost would be fine I am thinking.
Would find it difficult on my own but if that’s the way if it has to be, I do not have much time left.
I had no problems to day it worked out well looking forwarded to a Sunday run, or a run out on the Tandem resting the legs Thursday and Friday.
OK wishing all a great new year.
Remember It’s a Wonderful world

Monday, 26 December 2011

26th DEC 2011

 All back together again and running great again
Took it out on a test run to day and to run off some turkey and stuffing
Plus make room for some more today!.


26th Dec all back together again and running great again
Took it out on a test run to day and to run off some turkey and stuffing
Plus make room for some more today!.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

24th Dec a quirt afternoon.
Decided to replace the parts on the sprint, all went well except the steering strut , but not a problem.
Spent some time brining the wheels back in line, but all seems too be OK.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Thanks ICE

OK the Bits have arrived in the postt   Thanks ICE , something to do over Christmas to work off the turkey. Hope to get out boxing day for a good long ride.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Getting there

Getting there, new wheel came to day and I ordered the parts
Wheel post and the stirring rod. The bike is on the road back and forth to work
Now with the new wheel and the lining up of the wheels its running well.
Some times there just will not go in here ?

Monday, 19 December 2011

Monday 19th A Better day

Monday 19th
OK Ordered a new wheel and rooter the wheel is to much out to get back in.
And then set to work after some very helpful advise from ICE.
Managed to get it back on the road , it’s a temp fix.

Road Test
well Pleased runing well
will be even better with a new wheel
its in the post.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Sunday Morning 18th DEC

Aborted Club ride.
Disaster! Met up at the pump cold but a not to bad day but very Icy.
Set off with the guys and disappointingly only got to around 2 miles
When I had an altercation with a wooden bollard! That just blended in in with the surroundings
Plus I was not paying attention, so the inevitable took place I hit it with my right wheel!
Buckled the wheel and pit a slight bent in the disk brake, plus the in packet has knocked the calliper out of line! Adrian very kindly cam over and had a look for me and we got it as I thought in line, but its not braking as sharply as there other side. So I think its still out. I can use it to get to work and back until I get a new wheel and disk then I can set to and try to alien the calliper courtly.
I will have another fiddle Monday as I have the day off but I had to give up to day as its cold out there !
Well its my first misshape, and if I was to have one it was going to be a bollard! Its disappointing as it’s the first time my eye sight has let me down in this way, the idea of a three wheeler has worked out as if I had been on a solo Bike I think it could have been nasty!
O will lessen learnt.

Sunday evening blues!
Had another try to understand what’s going on but had to admit defeat!
I will have another look to morrow in the day light.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Winter tyres

With winter upon us, I remembered last year’s snow, and on two wheels not being able to cycle to work or at weekends, so now on the trike decided to get set up with  some winter spiked studded tyres for snow and ice, so   Ordered a set of wheels from Ice and the tyres from West Country Recumbent.
  May Seems a little over the top to get a set of wheels however with my eye sight problem I always go for the simplest ways with a spear set of wheels if I get a problem like punchers I can change the wheel and fix the puncher at a later time as it takes me longer with my eye sight to fix plus with the winter spiked studded on the rims again when it snows its just a matter of changing wheels rather than changing tyres and if I am off to work its quicker as my trike is my main form of transport.
As you will see on the video I changed the Tapes over to a high PSI tape as fitted on the Greenspeed Rims Not keen on the tape the wheels came with after having problems with them.
I have fitted slime   smart tubes all around as well as the tyres are not guarded  as the Marathon Plus I run on both trike,s.
Now can’t wait for the snow to have some fun in and on. Will be interesting as I do not a loss of traction on the back wheel in some situations during the year so wundering how it will cope in the snow and ice, I will let you know.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

10th Nov 2011

Winter is almost here and it will be interesting to see how the sprint handles it.
It will be my first winter on the trike; I have noted a loss of traction on slippery surfaces and from the odd heavy leaf covered rode, so it will be interesting as the roads get Icy.
The trike is going well and I am still very pleased with it.  And still learning a thing or two, I was on the phone ordering a new chain and got to chat and mentioned the braking, and it turned out I was adjusting them incorrectly, I was only adjusting the inside Pad, I did not realise that to outer pad had and adjustment wheel on the outside.
And now I have a lot more leaver on the brakes than I did. Mid you shows how good the set up is as thankfully I had not damaged anything even though the inner pad was pushing the disk it’s self on to the other pad to work! So there all back to what they should be now and working well.
Now I have all the wheels with marathon plus on them I am happy to say no punchers, I do not know if it was me or the tyres that were on their (marathon racers) they rolled well and handled well but the back tyre was a horror story for punchers, and then as the front started to where down the punchers started after around 1500 miles. Plus I had problems with the back tape not being sufficient and the spokes started punch ring the tube. That’s sorted now with a set of thick high pressure tape; I had the same problem on the rear on the Greenspeed Tandem.
I have ridden it now a good 3000 miles now and its nice a loos now and everything feel and is working well.
Can’t wait to see and have a play on the 2012 models in Jan. The sprit I have I use it for commuting and my every day Bike, and I have been using it for my week end club rides 50 Miles Plus and i would like to keep this one just for the commuting and every day use, and get a second sprint for the club runs only, as the new sprint trike is the I believe is Vortex frame, I need something with a bit of wait taken off for the club runs, no rear rack just side bags. Plus I can keep it up to a good condition for the longer rides. And the commuting trike I do not have to keep it in such a high working condition.
I like the look and we will see how the new seat feels.
I am well pleased that it’s no problem riding out with my club at weekends, I do only find that sometimes the pace is not fast enough but over all I’m pleased I keep up with the group with no problems.
Anyone out there with a trike that fancies a run with a club look up West Middlesex CTC  and we are on face book to where you can see the upcoming ride on the Sunday, plus on a Saturday we are out on the Greenspeed tandem.     

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Had a little miss hap

Had a little miss hap Sunday my fault I had the mudguard to near the tyre so one a bump lost the mud flap ! Just fitting a new one.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Sunday 24th West Mid club run

Sunday 24th West Mid club run

Good ride today legs getting there on the trike, out into the Chilton’s some good climes trike went well no problems it’s all getting loos now starting to adjust Chan and gearing as it all  settles in and stretches. Just little adjustments and a few Nuts and bolts needed attention. Its running very well very confident and trusting of it now, with the new back marathon plus and new rim tape. I am pleased that I can keep up with the other solo Bikes. No problem. Plus my ankle seems to be on the mend I have been having a few problems with it swelling but changes cycling shoes. I think it was around 70 miles to day, feeling good. No ride next week will be in the land of the midnight sun for a wedding really looking forward to the flight and visiting a new contrary.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Thursday, 18th August The wonders of ICE

I rang ICE just to let them know of the problems I experienced on my trip  
The Nice People at ICE sent me 4 replacement tubes.
As to my somewhat frustrating time around Kent with a rather irritating rear rim tape,
Really kind of them thank you very much.
See and hear me getting ratty in the Videos lol
The sprint it’s self-went like a dream no problem well pleased with it.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Tuesday 9th this evening

Tuesday 9th went for a ride around this evening
Harrow on the way home, Uxbridge Hayes, Southall Ealing, Greenford.
Uxbridge lots of Police Ealing the same and every where ells had a strange feeling.
Shops shut no one in the streets. When you do see people there Just watching and looking around.
Very uneasy, you can feel the fear. Hardly much traffic.
Good to see the police out and lets hope the courts and Judges put them away for a bloody long time!
However I wonder !

Saturday, 6 August 2011

August 6th on Today’s Ride

August 6th Today’s Ride 50.1 miles on Greenspeed see web page
Met "Cycleman" from the YACF forum on the wooden bridge at Eton with his 700c ICE adventure, had a good chat about

Nice ride out

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Hays and Hillingdon sky ride

Hays and Hillingdon sky ride

My links

Hays and Hillingdon sky ride

Hays and Hillingdon sky ride
Please see links for Photos and videos
And interview…….

Graham Williams

"I've just finished the course on the 'contraption' (actually a tricycle recumbent), these are a great idea,you get to see like minded people out enjoying their riding. Its great on this (contraption) because people don't usually see recumbents so everyone wants ask about it. I do the big London Skyride which is fantastic but today is just great for families to get out on their bikes on safe roads and with the course going over Hillingdon cycle circuit it lets people know there is a closed circuit nearby. Its good to be able to support the event today."

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Kent or Bust .

July 2011
Just setting up and getting ready for a few days Turing around Kent.
Whether is looking OK for a few days so thought I would set of and get threw London and hug the coast line around Kent, as I have never cycled around Kent as yet.
It’s the first time Turing on a trike so lots to learn and find out, should be fun.
I thought I would use the trailer this time around and if it works out OK then I will try a longer trip next year if my eye sight holds out.
When I get back I will let you know how it all works out with lots of Photos I hope.

July 25th 2011.
Set off on a journey around the coast line of Kent.
Starting off through London and followed the river Thames to Graves’s end using and hugging he river as I could keeping away from the main, A,  roads.
First camp site after a long starting out ride was at Seaalter just before Whitstable.
Be where this camp site is off the A299 and is the one on the left, nice sight but a rip off at a staggering £27.00. I WAS SO NAKERD and not thinking I accepted it.  All the other sights I stayed on where Great with really good showers and toilets and good tent places. Hastings being the best with 5 Stars, so much so I stayed two nights for a rest over. I will let the Videos tell the story, but I did get confused and enfaced did ride around the coast line threw Margate and rams gate as you will see.
The hardest rid part of the ride was from deal to Hastings as I lost root 2 and ended up on a major rods, the hills where so hard! The trike its self was Great no major problems with any main parts
However I had a really horrible 4 days as to a cheap back wheel plastic rime tape that let the spokes threw giving me 4 punchers’ until I could find a cycle shop that had some good quality rubber rim tape. And replenished the tubes, Bit disappoints really as it made me very anxious and I Trike  had to work on myself to keep a lid on it do not to spoil the ride. As OK I can feel and take the wheel out and change the tube, but can’t see to repair the tubes so was fortunate to find a cycle shop when I needed it. Plus if when I was changing the tube if anything had gone wrong that needed sight I would have been sunk, however this is what it’s all about in a way to push myself to the limit and trust in myself with strength of mind. All in all I had a great time a bit lonely sometimes but the great thing about a rike is every time you stop you get talked to, questions asked and along the way cars tooting and kids waving. Root 2 can be a pain without a map! As most places have good signs but when you really need them there not there ?  The one place I needed them was deal lto Hastings it started off great then I got a puncher then got to the end of that road and there was nothing no sighs, I meet a Dutch rider that had the same problem there and he has a map! Later in the day and ended up as I on a major road.
I do not think I will do a week’s ride again as this on my own again, but you never know, I thing a long ride and a tent stop and come back will be the order on my own from now on. I can plan that and have a camp site to head for.
I am glad I did it and I am glad to be Home now as well.
Love the Trike but will not use a trailer again had to many problems with it on getting threw gates  on the bridal ways, you can get the trike threw but have to keep taking the trailer off, plus I could feel it on hills. So I will try loading the trike up next time, I had the same problem with it on a solo bike last time I went out on a camping trip around Norfolk however there where not a lot of hills there as this time. OK on with the Photos and videos.

There is no point in my fitting a mile counter as I cant see it bit the estimate mils
Where around 400 miles Plus in 6 days, with one stopover day











First Camp, Rip of @£27 !!!! at Seaalter just before Whitstable.




















Margate and threw Ramsgate then Sandwich then to Deal to the next camp sight at Kings down




















The ride from Dover threw Folkston to Deal was really Nice until all the root 15 signs vanished?
And I had to Join the main root from Deal to Hastings and with yet another puncher trend out to be the hardest rife I have ever had when I got to Hastings I was at dropping point! The hills where something ells just one after another relentless and steep!





















Camp at Hastings Finally a long Day of hard cycling
The amp sight was great a really nice sight with 5 star facilities
And a great restraint and bar, a very clean and welcoming sight
And well worth the £13 a night its on the way down into Hastings front on root 15
Well sigh posted if you retch the bottom you have gone to fare. Just back up a little you will see the camping sign.





















91 is my arrival into Brighton.
Its to long to get it on here so I have put it on my face book page


                     The run home took me 8 hrs with a one Hr stop at a pub





Well that was it, I was glad to get home and now with time and thought I have come to admit I do not think I will do this on my own again, I enjoyed it , it was a challenge that I did OK I think but it was a bit of a struggle with the Lack of eye sight, I think I got away with it this time LOL.
But you Never say Never so watch this space .