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Friday, 9 December 2011

Winter tyres

With winter upon us, I remembered last year’s snow, and on two wheels not being able to cycle to work or at weekends, so now on the trike decided to get set up with  some winter spiked studded tyres for snow and ice, so   Ordered a set of wheels from Ice and the tyres from West Country Recumbent.
  May Seems a little over the top to get a set of wheels however with my eye sight problem I always go for the simplest ways with a spear set of wheels if I get a problem like punchers I can change the wheel and fix the puncher at a later time as it takes me longer with my eye sight to fix plus with the winter spiked studded on the rims again when it snows its just a matter of changing wheels rather than changing tyres and if I am off to work its quicker as my trike is my main form of transport.
As you will see on the video I changed the Tapes over to a high PSI tape as fitted on the Greenspeed Rims Not keen on the tape the wheels came with after having problems with them.
I have fitted slime   smart tubes all around as well as the tyres are not guarded  as the Marathon Plus I run on both trike,s.
Now can’t wait for the snow to have some fun in and on. Will be interesting as I do not a loss of traction on the back wheel in some situations during the year so wundering how it will cope in the snow and ice, I will let you know.

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