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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

28th Dec 2011 wishing all a great new year.

28th Dec 2011
I have been out two days on the trot, one testing the trike out
But I have been getting my confidence back as well, I have had a large change in my eyesight!
It happens and will continue to, however it knocks me from time to time as this change has.
I have to admit 50% of hitting the bollard was my eye sight. My left eye has changes, some more sells
Have died lessening the sharpness and widening the blind centre in the left, the right is handing in there.
However I have had to do some long journeys to get my brain to get use to it and get my confidence
Back. Good ride to day went full bore into London using the bike path along the A4 past a great building the hover Building, II can remember when Hovers where made there a long time back now.

After finding my way around the fly over Rejoined A40 and made my way to Kings X where you get the train to Hogwarts, then into Jud St where the RNIB 

 but it was closed, I had some idea it was so no problem its was the ride, went on threw to Oxford street had a look around the rip-off HMV, Long time since I have brought any thing there just have a good look around see if there is something I would like them get it cheaper on Amazon, no wonder there going bankrupt!!
Them made my way down regent street then down to mall and hide park for a pee and a coffee.
Sat and watched the ducks contemplating my eye sight and getting it all in to perspective. Felt good about the ride and regained my confidence and worked out the eye sight, OK I have to be that bit more cheerful on my left side, and have to scan a lager area, and have to admit yet again its going and it will not come back, I have to face it and let go and move on and just do what I love the best way I can.
All things change that’s one constant in life. I am hoping for a good year this year as it could be my last
Or dame near it, I would like to cycle in Europe a run down the cost would be fine I am thinking.
Would find it difficult on my own but if that’s the way if it has to be, I do not have much time left.
I had no problems to day it worked out well looking forwarded to a Sunday run, or a run out on the Tandem resting the legs Thursday and Friday.
OK wishing all a great new year.
Remember It’s a Wonderful world

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