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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Sunday Morning 18th DEC

Aborted Club ride.
Disaster! Met up at the pump cold but a not to bad day but very Icy.
Set off with the guys and disappointingly only got to around 2 miles
When I had an altercation with a wooden bollard! That just blended in in with the surroundings
Plus I was not paying attention, so the inevitable took place I hit it with my right wheel!
Buckled the wheel and pit a slight bent in the disk brake, plus the in packet has knocked the calliper out of line! Adrian very kindly cam over and had a look for me and we got it as I thought in line, but its not braking as sharply as there other side. So I think its still out. I can use it to get to work and back until I get a new wheel and disk then I can set to and try to alien the calliper courtly.
I will have another fiddle Monday as I have the day off but I had to give up to day as its cold out there !
Well its my first misshape, and if I was to have one it was going to be a bollard! Its disappointing as it’s the first time my eye sight has let me down in this way, the idea of a three wheeler has worked out as if I had been on a solo Bike I think it could have been nasty!
O will lessen learnt.

Sunday evening blues!
Had another try to understand what’s going on but had to admit defeat!
I will have another look to morrow in the day light.

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