Journeys on my sprint

So this is just some Videos and Photos of my Journeys and happenings. Please see my other recumbent Greenspeed Page to.

Monday, 18 August 2014


I have just got back from a 300 plus miles ride Turning around Norfolk.
Before I went I thought I would fit a security Back axial Swear to the trike to keep the hitch safe, so it was newly fitted just before the beginning of the ride so I would estimate it at being used for 450 miles. As you have seen in the Video the head of the axial has shear off!
Just some two miles or so before stopping at the campsite the trailer did flip over on its side as to a league I went over at an angel and I just righted it and checked for any damage on the Rubber Hitch and there was no problem there so we cared on to camp sight. With a cup of tea in hand we were talking about how it flipped over ? And I just lifted the trail to one side and the locking nut head shaved off! And the complete hitch fell off! 
I think on their own a hollow axial will be safe as it just hold the wheel, but using a trailer, I would say its highly dangers , it proves that they just can't take the strain of a trailer.
 When I think of some of the speeds I got up to coming down hills in fast flowing traffic I shudder to think what would have happened if the trailer had come off !!! 
Please check if you have a hollow skewer if you are towing a trailer and change it for a solid well-made swear.