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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Sunday 24th West Mid club run

Sunday 24th West Mid club run

Good ride today legs getting there on the trike, out into the Chilton’s some good climes trike went well no problems it’s all getting loos now starting to adjust Chan and gearing as it all  settles in and stretches. Just little adjustments and a few Nuts and bolts needed attention. Its running very well very confident and trusting of it now, with the new back marathon plus and new rim tape. I am pleased that I can keep up with the other solo Bikes. No problem. Plus my ankle seems to be on the mend I have been having a few problems with it swelling but changes cycling shoes. I think it was around 70 miles to day, feeling good. No ride next week will be in the land of the midnight sun for a wedding really looking forward to the flight and visiting a new contrary.

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