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Saturday, 11 February 2012

I am now on the dark side.

Saturday 11th Feb

I have to admit the last few rides on the Greenspeed Tandem I have been suffering with knee Problems and pan in the legs
So much so I was beginning to think that it was just too much for me!  
However on talking to the experts I lengthened the leg fitting on my Ice sprint to just longer than on a my two wheeled Bike, although I was not having problems in the sprint I felt that I was getting more power threw to the back wheel, so I lengthened the Greenspeed to Mach my sprint again just longer then the two wheeled bike.
After today’s ride which was only around 38 miles but what a different!! No pain in my   knees
Or the mussels, the shift have altered what part of the leg muscle is being used back up the leg from the knee, an excellent result really pleased.
It seems over the 1000 miles we have done on this tandem my leg muscles have developed as I now ride only trikes and I have not ridden a Bike in over 9 months, I commute every day in my Ice spring around 6 miles each way and most weekend I am on the Greenspeed, plus during the summer I did tour around Kent on the sprint,   the leg muscle have changed. Interesting I am tempted to try a long ruin on my Thorn Shaper 26” to see what’s changed but not till the better weather.
But I think I have trike legs now I am now part of the collective I have been assimilated, resistant’s is futile. I am now on the dark side.         

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