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Friday, 24 February 2012

21st Feb New Ice Sprint RSX

Took delivery of new trike to day.
Only having ordered the new sprint on the Thursday, it was delivered to my home on the Tuesday.
I had cleared a space to assemble and unpack the two boxes, the large box containing the sprint. It was really well packed and well protected and I spent a few hours unpacking and laying out a plan of assembly, not having the sight to read the Bible of the worshiping assembly manuals, I relied on the knowledge gained from working on my RS sprint and a life time of fixing engines motorbikes and cars and many a cycle. And the almost it must have seemed like stroking phone calls to Ice for help, every time I rang I was met with more information and instructions than I had thought of asking about, one is never on one's own with an ICE Trike, even got to talk to the guy that built my trike.
I decided to take the long term assembly and take my time with many tea brakes just to sit and delight myself with what eye sight I have left with what was coming together out of the Box. I spent about 5 Hrs on it that day and got the main parts assembled, had a mishap offering and fitting the gear to hanger, but got there in the end with the help of ICE and then on inspection I had threaded the front gear wire in the wrong hole ! Decided to call it a day have a bath a nice cup of tea and curl up with an audio book. Over the next few days slowly assembled the rest together, all in all its very straight forward and I would not put any one off assembling it one's self if you have a smattering of knowledge and a good tool set however only used a few tools and a set of star keys I had to buy to put the disks on, but that's good as I have them now for future use. I found it rewarding and it feels like yours when you put it together yourself plus you will have a good knowledge if anything goes wrong out on a ride to fix it yourself. I did ask for the chain and gearing to be set up for me and was so done. Last night got the Computer clock working; I thought I had gone mad as it would not work on bike but OK in my hand?? Again with help from ICE, turns out that I did not have it in direct facing so a little adjustment of the sender got it working ok. All that was left was the alignment and adjustment of the brake callipers which was not a long Job and then to check out the adjustment of the gearing, so the first ride, adjusted the handle bars checked braking and pushed off into the blue yonder, well not quite as it was running just out so pulled it in on the adjuster but could not get sufficient movement, it was getting dark so thought I would leave it and start with a fresh mind. So All I have to do is the chain alignment. It's a great looking trike, very black and very impressive with the 10 speed pack and the shram hanging there at the back. Will have a play with it to night should not be difficult.

24th Feb
Nice one took it out for it first long run, 10 miles and adjusted the rear derailleur brought it in bit by bit well pleased running 100% feels really fin rolls well the tyres are excellent, and the TT gear changing toggles are really positive the gearing over all feels really positive, its all tight with the newness and will be interesting as it loosens off over time, had one more check around tightening all the nuts and bolts.
Only one thing I just cant work out? I keep loosening flags! Or breaking them, came back to night and there Mmm no flag!! that was the new one to LOL.
Looking forward to a good long rid.

Thanks ICE for all the advice and help

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  1. “Really great video and very informative. I'm thinking of getting the Sprint X myself. I was wondering what made you choose the 20" rear wheel vs. the 26". And what do you need the rear disc brake for? Don't the two on the front suffice?
    I also couldn't help bug notice that you already have an ICE Sprint in your garage. When looking at the specs the Sprint X is almost identical with the standard model. What made you get the X then?”

    Hi there macmerized from U Tube

    Thanks for the comment. OK the RS Sprint in red is for commuting at the moment it has earthen plus all around. I will in the summer put a lighter marathon. Its also my Turing Trike, camping and things liker that. The RSX in Black its for my Sunday runs with the club, long ruins as its with out rack rake just the bear trike to keep it as light as I can for the long runs, and the X set up with slicks and the ten gear set up is faster and just more dynamic Great fun with just the side bags for wet stuff and tools and lights.
    It’s a really nice set up. The disk on the back, it comes with it that’s all. Its handy to have a hand brake for getting in and out and just parking. And I think it looks good to and its not a heavy set up.
    I am a bit OCD so like a bike to do a certain Job LOL when I was on two wheels it was the same I had 4 bikes a Work bike, club, bike Sunday runs, a racing bike for racing at the Hillingdon trace. And I had a run-around that I could put a BOB YAK trailer on for shopping. Now I have the Tandem recumbent Greenspeed and two ICE sprints , ONE DAY I MAY get the ICE Vortex but I think I will never get one as to my eye sight as I have only a few years lest with eye sight I can use for cycling as I am registered as blind now and by the time I have saved up for one I may not have the time to use it.
    So it would be a waist of money pity as I would love one as I love speed