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Saturday, 3 March 2012


 Strange thing happened today!!
Coming through Hayes on my way home just having completed 30 miles
The Chain started to Jump? I thought it may have been the Gear pack holding nut come loose as it would not run in the middle gear of the Pack however was ok top gears and bottom Gears, I took it easy to home keeping it in one gear.
On first inspection could not see a problem, so dropped out the wheel for a closer look and found one tooth tip bent over! And some damage around the tooth, not shore what has happened but looks like one of the studs that hold the tooth rings together may have broken  and the end looks like it may have bent the tooth. But I will leave that to ICE to have a look at, thankfully I had a new gear pack, I like to keep some Spares, running items a new chain and rungs and gear pack and wirers. However had a problem with the new Gear pack? I could put the main part of the gears on the wheel hub that the second part of the rings, but the last rings I just could not fit on and get the nut on! It just would not locate fit together; however the gear ring from the old pack fitted with no problem so in the end used that with the new Pack. Put it altogether and great ran well and after tuning it in worked perfect as it was before. Teething problems nothing to do with the trike its self
Just the Gear pack it does look like a manufacturing problem of the gear pack.
I do thing I was lucky I was not at speed when it happened as I had been doing some pushing to see what it would do and me. And it is a fantastic ride at speed.
We will see what ICE thinks.


  1. My FS-X is already at the dealer (Utah Trikes). I communicated with ICE and the dealer. Utah Trikes will ship my trike to me on April 2nd. If the new cassette is not at the dealer by that date, ICE will ship it direct to me with the tool. I've never replaced a cassette but I should be able.

  2. Utah Trikes has my new cassette and installing it this week before shipment. Did you get your new cassette? Does it look different? I'm wondering how I might identify the new one?