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Thursday, 8 March 2012


ICE a strange thing happened Part two
After contacting ICE and sending the Gear sprocket back to them.
They believe there is a problem with the softness of the steel in the bigger range of sprockets. It’s a manufacturing problem not of inspired cycle engineering’s making, and for me makes no deference what I think of the sprint it’s self, which is excellent. It’s a pity the part is faulty but I think fortunate that it’s come to light early on. ICE in there very attentive way, stopped sending the 10 speed sprint out to dealers for a short time till they sort out the problem with the Makers. I do believe they are offering a 7 or 9 speeds if you wish. Contact your dealer.
Once the hardness issue is sorted they have informed me they will send a replacement sprocket out to me, I would suggest  contact your dealer or ICE if like myself I had the trike delivered to my home  and put it together myself.   ICE have responded very quickly and positively about the problem which is a testament for me Just how good the product they make is and their attention to their customers.

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