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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Ruislip to Benson 80 Miles longest ride so Far

Ruislip to Benson a round trip of 80 miles plus, a real nice day out pity about the run out a as at the  beginning poor Jill came off and as it termed out broke her elbow! Painful, but the bike was OK so we all cycled on in good company and had lunch of fish and chips with a rating of 5 out of ten for quality and value. Our annual run to Benson happens on the same day as the London to Oxford cycling event and we travel a lot of the same way it runs. It does my ego the works of good when climbing two some what hard hills before flying down to Benson, and watching them let’s say that are not that fit but a lot younger than I, stop and get off to push the bike up the hills.

This was my longest ride so far, well pleased with the trike and I am learning more about gear changing as it’s a different technique and I am learning to spin more than mash, getting there.       

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