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Monday, 11 July 2011

No West Middx ride this week end Sunday 10th

No West Middx ride this week end Sunday 10th
So packed the Trike and filled up the water bottles, and set off for a days ride on my own. Forgot the map but hay ho can’t see it any way! Sat in the trike at 8am and then thought where to go? OK off to Uxbridge that’s always a good starting point, so had time on the way to ponder a ride. OK pondered and made up my mind to head for Hertfordshire to a Buddhist Temple I know well Amaravati, At Great Gaddesden, not far from Poten end a tea stop the West Middx Club use.   But the long way around so off threw Uxbridge A40 and then up the A413 then on as few detours To Amersham then a climb on the way to Chesham, then a great run down hill into Chesham made my eyes water, I think If I had wings I would have taken off! Exhilarating is the word. However the climb back out of Chesham, to Berkhamsted also made my eyes water! But all good stuff for getting the legs in shape, Then Yet another climb to Nettleden to Great Gaddesden got thy mussels like tree trunks this morning!. Spent a good time at Amaravati Nice place for a chill out, I have Just recently started having small anxiety attacks out of the blew and could not really understand why? So took some time out here to think about it deeply a bit of facing up to it it’s the eye sight as to its changes and I have been to defiant in ignoring it really so took the time to see it and except it and let it go as just change, ok I love the cycling and the independence and this is my    anxiety at loosing this, it’s real and I have had to sit and except it, I have been but not deeply and excepting deeply the change, it’s getting the Trike Tandem and now not riding my solo Cycles any more, its reel and I have not faced it properly, hopefully I have without morning the change but just letting go and being with it the best I can, it was a good day for it.           
 Then off back to Hemel Hempstead on the A4146 this road is appalling the hols and it’s so bloody ruff.  Had some lunch and a large coffee for the caffeine, and set off again to Watford and the Normal West Middx root home, too late for a cake @ Denham Village But got home safe and sound.
It’s still amazes me what a social animal this trike is, when ever I stop some where I always get some one stop to talk, In Hemel Hempstead I stopped off for a coffee and a lady cam up to me and asked if I had come through Chesham and then exclaimed that her and her husband where amazed at the climb out they sore me on, and then a long chat with a most interested Guy in the trike who was a cyclist himself. I get a lot more respect and courtesy on the roads from cars and lorries on this trike than I have ever had on a solo cycle, I have only encountered two idiots’ so far one in Hays by a low life single sell brain owner, and then another in Harrow on my way into work, a white van Man “say no More!” who was asking me to get off the trike as I think he was wishing to tickle me to depth!
But a good day was had and did around 60 miles and the trike was perfect no problems what so ever the more I ride it the more I love it.
I am planning to do some touring on it in a few weeks time, not made up my mind where to go yet.I will let you Know                    
Sorry no Photos I forgot the camera

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