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Monday, 8 October 2012

Passing of time

Passing of time

Well I am without a bike my last Bike was sold a few weeks back, it’s still odd to go in the garage for a potter around, and survey all the bits I have squealed away thinking that will come in handy, most never does but you never know, and there in no bikes in there.

When I was selling the last bike one bay the Guy who brought the other sharper from me sent me a note that he had just come back from cycling on it in Span, I am pleased both bikes went to good homes. So it’s been time to sort and throw all the bits out and throw them away, it amazed me and found myself saying what the hell did I save that for ?

The Trikes are Great a different world thought, the dark side LOL, suet’s me as I get plenty of attention you can’t be a wilting flower on one, and you have to like to answer a lot of questions, mostly the same ones but Hay that’s life. Sometimes it’s a bit of an eye opener, like I was stopped by two lads around 15 who were most animated in their questions then one of them asked the main  question  I get asked, How much are that? When I gave him some idea of the price he came back with why pay that much for a peace of crap like that! Feeling a bit defatted and a slightly dented ego I did not rise to the bate but bided my time, until he asked me can I have a go?  And gratefully to restore my ego I replied, Na you could not handle a peace of crap like this and rode on.       
Good memory’s good times and life goes on  
As we turn the next page  

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