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Sunday, 20 May 2012


Sunday run, Th May 

Just a quick ride in to London, shame to waste a dry day, Adrian my Gide Dog trike was trapped having to carry out domestic things, having not been marred long, they still wish to be together, Can’t wait for this state to where off so we can get some dedicated  cycling in!!  my wife is in east born on sea at the moment having a weekend away with friends, Mm now I think about it who is the friend she is with?     
Had a mishap on the way in at some lights  by 4 by 4 that had never seen a rough road in its life nor will it, decided whiles at the red light did not wish to sit behind me so tried to drive up the side of me clipping my right wheel and buckling the rim with his tyre. Bit of a heated back and forth, nothing like being hit from behind to be told it was my fault, Police fortunately trend up and swooped details for me. Fortunately I spent some time with my spoke key tweaking it back in true, being OCD it was rather Manic as once I had started it had to be perfect!! 2 Hr. later I managed to convince myself it was as good as hell I was going to get it now leave the buddy thing as it is, it felt like panting I just can’t tell when I am finished, I could be there for the rest of my life!!! Lots of roads closed which made things interesting; lots of tourists taking photos of the Trike, any one would think they had never seen one before, well may be they haven’t, Got home safely 40 mile ride one buckled wheel and a slightly buckled pride.
O and Meet Steve again in Hide park on his recumbent, heard a voice from behind telling me how dangerous my trike was LOL, did not recognise me as the back end of the Greenspeed riding to day on half a tandem my ICS spring X.

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